I know you can't take me with you whenever you go out for the day, or maybe even when the family comes to visit for the weekend! This is why I feel it's important to help you to be able to take better photos of your children.

During the workshops we cover how to use the manual mode on your camera and how that enables you to get the results you'd like. We'll talk about finding beautiful light and how to compose an image to make the most of it. 

Each workshop session is tailored to you and your individual style.

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Getting out of


Learning how to use the camera settings to get the lovely creamy background. We learn about ISO and aperture and how they affect your images.


We learn about the basic rules of composition and how they will make your images look more professional.

Understanding Light

Learning how to deal with the light available to get the most flattering images. This has a huge impact on your photographs.

Getting great expressions

Techniques to help get rid of those cheesy smiles. We'll also go over how to get lovely sibling shots.

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One Hour Session



3 x One hour Sessions