Exist in Photographs...

I say this often but I really, truly mean it. Exist in photographs...

Memories are all we have when the moments have passed and they often get locked away, until a photograph reminds you of them.

I know that feeling when a camera comes out and you think "Oh no! I haven't done my hair, my skin is really bad, I have no make-up on, I feel so fat and frumpy etc...Trust me, those feelings enter my head too! But I also know that when you look back on photos in years to come, it will be such a shame if you're not in any of them. You will be missing from those moments, those memories.

How many times have you looked through photos and uttered the words "Oh! I forgot about that!" and been hit with that reeling sense of nostalgia? Like when I look back at photos of my Grandparents. There's one of my Nan in her kitchen and every time I see it I get thrown back to being that 7 year old girl again. I can smell the rice pudding baking in the oven. I can hear her voice as clear as if she were right next to me right now. I can feel how incredibly soft her skin always was and how she always smelled so lovely. These are the kind of memories that can only stir with photographs. They are often the key to unlocking those treasures that remain buried for so long. I don't ever look at those photos and think how her hair wasn't perfect, or how she was wearing an apron rather that a beautiful dress, or how there were bits and pieces all over the kitchen side. I just remember my beautiful, kind, sweet Nan and the fun we had. I remember my sister going into the sitting room and sneaking us some of my Grandad's toffee's while he snoozed in his chair and how we all sat at the table playing Pictionary and listening to the radio. So many memories, all from that photo...

Photographs are so much more than that moment. They are snippets of time, emotion filled, time travel. I want my children to have that from me. These are so much more important to me now that my Grandad is no longer here and neither is my Nan in a sense. Her memories are gone and so is her understanding of most things now. Please be in photographs, it is so important to your loved ones. One day, that's all they'll have.

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