Ynyslas with The Evans Family

Summer is well and truly here! Or at least it was, at the time of writing this... It has been so lovely to be able to get out and explore again after what felt like months of being snowed in. I really wanted to take the opportunity to get to the beach and photograph more families this year. It's such a fun place to be with children because there is so much freedom there.

Ynyslas is a fantastic location for family sessions as there's such a great variety of backdrops. The sand dunes are great fun for running through and the grasses are just beautiful. You can capture real and natural smiles and laughter as they chase the waves and play in the sand...

As I have said before, I love to get a mixture of gorgeous posed shots and plenty of natural, candid ones too. If I tried to pose the children the whole time they'd get pretty bored very quickly and that's not what I want. I want my sessions to be fun and memorable.

A good friend of mine recently told me that what my families get from a session is more than a set of beautiful images. It's time to talk, walk and play, time to laugh and be silly together when we often get caught up with things we "need" to do. It's time to be together, having fun and making memories.

It sometimes takes something like this to make you get out to the beach in the evening when you'd usually be caught up in the middle of the dinner/bath-time/bed-time routine, and splash in the sea as the sun sets. These are the memories to cherish...

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